New wireless surround 6D speaker Bluetooth headset 4.1 lossless stereo music headestset sports head support SD / TF card mp3

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Four speakers double moving ring 6D surround wireless Bluetooth headset
Instructions for use:
1. Press and hold the middle play button for a few seconds;
2, wait until the red and blue lights alternately flash, use the mobile phone to search, you can search, if there is no red and blue lights alternately flash is not found.
* After the computer uses the adapter: you can do computer wireless headset, listen to songs, video chat;
Product specifications and parameters:
The appearance is beautiful and light, and the noodle wire earplug design can hear beautiful stereo music in sports. The advanced ergonomic design is comfortable and convenient. The unique and intelligent function design is appreciated. Don't miss every call while listening to music.
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V4.1
Audio range: 2.402GHZ~2.480GHZ ISM Band
Receive sensitivity: -80dbm
Wireless emission standard: CLASS 2
Channel: 79channels of 1Mhz BW
Connection method: point to point
Launch range: <=10M
Transmission speed: 57~723Kb/S
Stereo compression ratio: 44.1/48KHZ
Color: black, white
Product weight: with packaging 50g bare metal 20g
Packing size: 18.5*9.5*3CM
The polymer lithium-ion battery is 95 mAh, and it is fully charged for 4-5 hours. The lower the volume, the more power is saved, the minimum power consumption is 9 mA, and the charging time is 1-2 hours.
Wired four-speaker dual-core unit headphones, dynamic ring headphones, with 唛 headphones, in-ear fever ring iron headphones, 4D surround stereo headphones.
◆ Ultra-fashion design, light weight, strong texture, street star headphones.
◆Professional high-elasticity, high-fidelity, anti-freeze transparent earphone wire, anti-pull, anti-winding, minimal loss of audio signal, low temperature environment in winter.
◆Stereo sound quality is clear, providing high quality sound effects
◆Colorful color matching, popular essentials, comfortable to wear for a long time, and easy to carry
◆Using a normal diameter 3.5 connector for easy connection
◆ can connect to personal computer, walkman, and other playback devices
Product specifications:
1. Horn diameter: 10mm
2. Speaker impedance: 32Ω
3. Maximum boost level: 110dB ± 3dB
4. Rated power: 10mW
5. Distortion: ≤1%
6. Left and right balance: ±3dB at 1KHz
7. Product style: two colors optional (black, white)
8. Four-horn headphones with packaging: 47G bare metal: 15g Packing size: 18.5*9.5*3CM