K2 Home Subwoofer Dual Speaker

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Color: black / black silver
Material: ABS
Role: notebook, desktop subwoofer, speaker
Interface: USB+3.5MM
Main box: subwoofer power 5W
Sub-box: high, mid-range power 3W
Speaker: 3 inch
Use song type: rock, folk, jazz, electronic, popular
Product size: main box: 12.9*9.8*13cm; sub-box 6.1*6.9*7.7cm

  • Feature:

    1. Dual-frequency tweeter, powerful subwoofer, full-screen volume adjustment.
  • 2. Restores natural sound quality with rich layers and depth.
  • 3. Dual screen channel design, adjust the control knob
  • 4. High-quality bass speaker, professional acoustic cavity structure.
  • 5. USB powered, easy to use, easy to operate and widely compatible.
Package include
  • 1X main box,
    2X speaker
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