Baby Robot Toys Intelligent RC Smart Robot Intelligent Voice Control DIY Body Toy with Dancing Winking Model for Kid Products

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Parental companionship

With this robot, the relationship between parents and children is more intimate. Accompanying makes parents and children closer

Милый робот: Какова функция интерактивного игрушечного робота AT001: Прекрасный внешний вид, всего 3 цвета. Забавная интерактивная игрушка для взрослых и детей. АТ робот распознает простые голосовые команды и реагирует на ваши команды. Роботы AT будут говорить, петь, танцевать и быть хорошим другом вашего ребенка. 3 сенсора 12 мелодий и танцев 10 голосовых команд 3 голосовых записи 16 реакций на голос

Music & Dance

This robot can move forward,backward, turn left and turn right. It can also rotated. As the friction increases, it can cause the robot to move slowly when used on the carpet.

Important tips:

1.This is a phonetic recognition robot, it might make mistakes if in noise environment. 2.When installing the battery, please be careful not to reverse the battery to prevent the product from working properly. When taking out the battery cover, do not install it too hard to prevent the battery from being damaged. The product cannot be used normally. 3.The voice usage distance of this product is preferably between 10m and 20m. Exceeding this distance may cause the voice to be incorrectly recognized. 4.When in touch sense, please do not touch it twice or three times at the same time to avoid error action. 5.Power full battery is recommended, which can help you have a more good operating experience.When power low, the robot may do some action or play music automatically; please change the battery in time. 6.In the course of use, if you have any questions, please feel free in touch with us, we will reply the first time. 7.As the friction increases, it can cause the robot to move slowly when used on the carpet.