FREE HD FREE TV HD digital indoor TV antenna

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Features: 1. Light as feathers, can be placed anywhere without power 2. Match your home decoration, you can put it behind the picture, bookshelf or TV 3. Quick and easy setup - expand, insert and scan channels 4. You can place it on a wall, table or window (highly recommended), which will give you the opportunity to see crystal-clear numbers and HD shows. Note: 1. to carry out the upper antenna or near / in a window may cause better reception. you must scan every time you move the antenna. 2. If you are using a flat HDTV, please go through your TV manual to make sure the TV comes with built-in tuner for digital terrestrial. 3. make that you are using an HD recerive; otherwise no HD channels can be collected. Please read the receiver manual. 4. You need to re-tune your TV and digital terrestrial receiver for a long time to make sure that all services are being rendered re-tuning only takes a couple of minites and can be done with the remote control. 5. TV reception capacity depends on the distance between your home, the transmission tower and surrounding environments. Packing list: antenna * 1 converter * 1 manual * 1